Dr. Kal Sellers, DC, MH
Founder of Sound Mountain Healing, 2012

Dr. Kal believes that individuals can, if they are taught correctly, be proficient at healing themselves and their families.

There is also room for practitioners of natural and alternative healing arts to become more proficient at clinical skills--especially outcome assessment tools to determine if their approach and diagnosis of underlying problem are correct.

Education: Dr. Kal's teachings are an integration of Dr. Royal Lee's nutrition research, Dr. John Christopher's practical herbal medicine knowledge, Dr. Versandaal's Contact Reflex Analysis tools (and various other non-invasive diagnosis methods) and Dr. Kal's unique clinical integration and assessment advancements. Dr. Kal also teaches hands-on techniques to correct organ and gland activity and stimulate healing. Look at the education page to get started learning from Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH, MT

Supplements and Healing with Dr. Kal: Under every supplement is a detailed description of how Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH uses it in clinical practice, including dosage and details. Please check out the Store to see this education on every product.