Immune System part 2: Lets get [our bowels] moving!

By: Kal Sellers
Published: November 26, 2018

Before we start on the relationship between the bowels and getting sick...you can save a little money ordering from us for the next two months. For the next two months, there will be free shipping on any size order from our website.

Now...lets talk about the bowels and illness...

I have had so many experiences now with fevers in kids and using a ginger enema to bring it down that I am actually shocked when someone tells me they are scared of doing it. It is easy, simple and works almost immediately (20-60 minutes). So, even though I have some important things to say about the bowel and its relationship to health overall, I want to start with the ginger enema protocol.

This is one of two things I do almost every time a kid presents to me with a fever or acute, communicable illness. The other one I talked about in the last newsletter. This one is king whenever there is a fever.

There are three simple but vitally important things to understand about the bowel to see WHY this is so important as a basic, natural healing tool.

1. There is a reflex connection, formed when you were forming in the womb, between the bowel and EVERY organ, gland and tissue of the body. When the bowel has irritated or toxic spots (sluggish lymph, inflammation, pockets, clumps of fecal matter with abnormal flora in them) the corresponding tissues of the body will be sick, inflamed, toxic, infected or abnormal in some way.

2. When the bowels move COMPLETELY, all the lymph in the body everywhere moves, drains, flushes out. This is literally every microcluster of tissue everywhere in the entire body releasing its metabolic wastes and getting better nutrition in all at once. There is a side note here that the symptoms of getting sick are NOT caused by the microorganism, but rather by your response to it! If all pathways are clear and nutrition is readily available, you are naturally immune from every microorganism of every type whether you have encountered it before or not. Your immune system is so much better than any microorganism that you are at no risk at all provided the drainage is clear and proper nutrition is available! This is why fever drops so rapidly after the ginger enema. The ginger helps, but the fact that the bowels empty completely takes away the conditions for a battle and your immune system stops fighting and just starts sweeping out the microorganisms!

3. Your nervous system totally resets when your bowels totally evacuate. Most people have a bowel movement (rarely often enough) and assume their bowel has evacuated. I have come on several of these cases and urged them to do the enema anyway. They are shocked when they see how much more is in there to move out and then, when the bowel is empty, they see the immediate improvement.

So here is the protocol: This is not rocket science and the dosages are approximate and may vary based on need.

3 heaping teaspoons of ginger root powder (organic)

5 cups of well water or distilled water

Stir up in a enema bucket or bag (the advantage to the bucket is that it is less likely to get clogged where we are using powdered herbs in the mixture) you can buy an enema bucket on Amazon for about $7.

Allow air to run out of the tube into the sink and then clamp it off.

Lubricate the tip with an herbal ointment or petroleum jelly. Also slather up your bottom side a bit because the ginger is a bit hot when it comes out.

Lay on your back on the floor with the bucket on the counter top or equivalent.

Insert the tip into the anus about 2 inches, open the valve and relax as it runs in. As you start to feel some sense of fullness, massage the abdomen from the lower left up to the ribs, across to the right and down to the lower right. The goal here is to get the enema to reach the cecum, which is the beginning of the large intestine.

Most people find that they have the need to void after about 3 cups. If this is so with you, close the clamp, void and then lay back down and take the rest of the enema. This is why we use 5 cups is that this is anticipated.

With smaller children, of course we use less, but I tend to do more concentrated ginger. Perhaps I might use 2 cups for a child but still 3 tablespoons of ginger. I also might use a bulb syringe for a child, instead of a bag or bucket, though this is only to do the job quicker. If the child is cooperative then a bucket is fine.

If I have a case that I deem serious, I will actually continue with back-to-back enemas until I see nothing formed (only very loose material) come out of the bowel. In less serious cases, I do not watch as carefully or at all.

Occasionally, I will get a question if the person can use a fleet enema or some other means to move the bowels. The answer is basically no. Fleet enemas will weaken the bowel. I only do enemas if I can put herbs with the enema which stimulate the bowel to better activity. I might use other things but always things which achieve a very specific goal while making the bowel stronger. As far as using something else, like a laxative by mouth to move the bowels, this is wishful thinking and is not effective. In my practice I have recommended enemas for almost two decades and in that time of those who I prevailed upon to use the enema, but who were nervous about it, every case came back and announced that they had no idea what they were worried about and that it was really no big deal at all!

Ginger enemas hydrate instantly. Fever is not a threat as long as the person is hydrated. I have had two very extreme cases, one with a child with RSV and a high fever and the other a pregnant mother who could not keep anything down. Both were extremely dehydrated and looking at a hospital stay to get IV fluids if they did not get better soon. The child we used ginger enemas and the first two came out as dry powder. The third enema came out looking like it went in, so we stopped. The child started sweating instantly and in 20 minutes the fever broke and she was totally well the next day. In the case of the pregnant mother, she did one large ginger enema and paid little attention to what came out. The next day she went to her doctor for a checkup and was fully hydrated, though she had been told two days earlier that she would be going to the hospital if she was not rehydrated by Monday morning.

With the tools given you in these first two parts of the immune system discussion, the overwhelming majority of all acute illnesses can be handled almost immediately. There is no need to be knocked down for a week or two or to carry along symptoms for very long at all.

Now, we are not done. For those of you who are struggling with long-term illness, arthritis, chronic pain, dysfunctional immune response, etc...it is essential to understand that bowel lesions can make healing those problems impossible and will lead to a sense of premature aging. For long-term conditions, we use Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel formula sufficient to keep the bowels moving 3 times per day or one time for every major meal each day. The average American is about 70,000 bowel movements behind in their lifetime! Of course that causes problems!

For those with stubborn problems which do not respond readily to the Lower Bowel formula, we make a warm (slightly warmer than body temperature or about 100 degrees F) enema. We dump 5 capsules into 5 cups of warm water. This is used (the whole amount--it is expected that this will take at least two back-to-back enemas to use all 5 cups) two mornings in a row every 7-10 days until the bowel starts to work on its own schedule. This might take several weeks or months depending on the severity of the case.

Of course cleaning out the bowel might not be the only thing needed, but let us not forget that all the great natural healers of the last 300 years have said basically the same thing: that when the bowels move properly and freely and elimination was complete, about 80% of all their patients got well enough they forgot what was wrong with them. The other 20% needed additional help, herbs, nutrition, therapies, etc. The trick is to get and keep those bowels moving properly and to make health choices every day which allow complete elimination and reduce the load on the body.