By: Kal Sellers
Published: October 31, 2018

Psoriasis is definitely an internal condition. The "Eating For Life" blog will help with this along with liver cleansing and a careful pristine diet. Dr. Christopher's Blood Stream formula, along with cleaning out the bowels using both Lower Bowel Formula by mouth and Quick Colon Part 1 as an enema. Usually, I make the enema with 5 capsules (opened and dumped) in 5 cups of slightly warm water (just warmer than body temperature) with 1/2 ounce of Echinacea Angustifolia Root tincture (alcohol extract). I have my patients use all 5 cups, even though this might necessitate voiding and repeating 2-4 times. This is most effective in the morning, two mornings in a row one time per week for 3-6 weeks. Enemas are simple. Let the air out of the hose to the bag or bucket. Lay on your back, lubricate your bottom with an herbal ointment or petroleum jelly and insert the tip about 2 inches. Open the valve and let it flow in, massaging abdomen counter-clockwise working from lower left side, up to ribs, across under ribs from left to right, then down to the hip on the right. When you need to, go ahead and close the valve. Hold it as long as you can and then get up and void. You do not see toxic skin eruptions without bowel lesions.

In addition to the above, some topical application of Miracle Splash (which will itch and sting) followed by black walnut tincture (alcohol extract) alternating every hour will bring out the whole skin and the damaged skin will fall off.

Disclaimer: There is a reason that dermatology is a specialty among medical professionals. There is a real knack that goes with this profession.

In Chiropractic school, as well as in Massage Therapy school, we get quite a bit of training on skin conditions, but even with seeing it twice and seeing some of those things several times in practice, I made a mistake with one patient. He had a single line of painful pustules following what could easily have been a nerve path along the face. To my eyes it looked exactly like other cases of shingles I had seen. In fact the medical doctor who examined him thought at first that I might be right, but he had seen enough more than me to ask some follow-up questions. He discovered that it was actually impetigo! Knowing that it was that was important, of course, since impetigo is caused by a bacterial infection, which can be contagious.

Having said that, there are some conditions which are USUALLY easy to recognize. In each of these cases, we have treatments which are simple and effective. If something does not respond to these treatments, be sure to get an opinion from a medical doctor, if not a dermatologist. if you have already had a medical opinion, get another one if the body does not respond to care. The protocols we use are effective, so expect results!