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What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about this product :

Zypan is a product I put almost everyone on in my practice.  Almost everyone tolerates it and it works to acidify the whole gut lining.  It also helps pancreatic and bile systems work better, preventing irritable gall bladder, upper intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).  In the world of discussions about how to get alkaline, people sometimes struggle a bit with the suggestion that they should acidify anything!  On this point, there are two important things to remember:  

  • Some systems, including the kidneys, whole gut (not just the stomach), immune system, brain and CSF, adrenal glands and thyroid either are always acidic or require acidic nutrients and an acidic state in the gut in order to work correctly.  They thyroid is a perfect example.  You will never get and keep it working unless you acidify the gut.  
  • The pH of the blood and the whole blood chemistry depends on the health of the gut more than on any other system!  In other words, if you focus on the blood instead of the gut you may very well never succeed in  healthy blood!  It is okay, of course, to do both.  You will notice my dietary recommendations are based on foods which will simultaneously acidify the gut (with lactic acid fermentation) and alkalize the blood, or which restore weak people with extreme malnutrition.  

We find that all immune reactions are diminished almost immediately when we start taking 1 Zypan with every meal and snack and 2 with every large meal.  The bloat stops, the immune reactions slow down, the bowels behave more normally overall, cravings are reduced, sleep is better, joint aches are reduced or totally absent and energy is increased.  Of course, general nutritional state should be addressed as discussed in my recording, "The Modern Condition" (link 1, 2, 3 to these on podcast page) (attached)  

One question I get a lot about many products is: "do they overlap with or can they be replaced with other options"?  Very often if the other option is a good product, they can be.  In the case of Zypan, the only other way to handle it is a lot of work and most patients will not do it.  No other pop-a-pill supplement will replace Zypan.