Lower Bowel Formula

Lower Bowel Formula
100 Capsules     $18.00

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Lower Bowel Formula:  
So many people with a slow moving bowel or a dysfunctional bowel have used this to clean and heal and strengthen the bowel throughout.  It helps speed and strengthen motility, which helps with constipation (particularly when the patient drinks plenty of water).  It improves iron absorption (caution that iron deficiency problems probably have more to do with cofactors needed in the use of iron than with iron itself), and protects against bowel cancer.  It helps dry out phlegm and improves the health of the whole mucousa of the bowel.  Those who clean the bowel out using this formula and proper diet over the course of a year will often find that they are immune to the flu ever thereafter.  The formula was originally intended to be used long term, starting with one capsule at supper, then two, then two at lunch and two at supper, and this was to continue until the effective dosage is reached.  The effective dosage can be quite high, up to 14 capsules per day.  The effective dosage will produce somewhat loose, but not actually watery bowel movements and at least 2 per day.  I get and expect to continue to get a lot of questions about this subject as there is a lot of misinformation out there on it.