Immune Part 1: Blood Calcium vs Colds and Flu

By: Kal Sellers
Published: November 12, 2018

If you understand the immune system, you never have to stay sick and you usually will not get sick. Let me begin by telling you very briefly about a simple University Study involving blood calcium and immune response.

In this study, college students were given a radioactive ionized calcium. After it had a chance to circulate, their blood was drawn and exposed to a variety of things, including a variety of microorganisms. To view the activity of the white blood cells (immune cells) interacting with the microorganisms, a camera was used on the microscope which filmed at a rate of 600 frames per second!

When a white blood cell came in proximity to a microorganism in the blood, the ionized calcium came out of solution and passed across the microorganism in two very fast waves. This caused the protective sheath around the microorganism to break down and the white blood cell gobbled up the microorganism like Pac-Man! There was no battle, no damage to immune cells and no inflammatory response!

In order to re-create the conditions where the immune system reigns supreme and does not need to become inflamed, we have to get highly ionized calcium into the blood.

This form of calcium is calcium bicarbonate. It is created when calcium lactate hits a highly acidic stomach.

We have found that literally any infection will respond to this approach. In order to make it all work, we have to have the following things:

First, a high quality calcium with a small portion of magnesium (ideally, 8 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium...typical calcium supplements are 2:1 or 3:1 and will not work). For this, we use Standard Process Calcium Lactate tablets, or we could use just bulk calcium lactate powder. You can order the calcium lactate here on this site or get it from any chiropractor who sells Standard Process. I only carry the large size because the effective dose is 8-10 (depending on size of the person) tablets of Calcium Lactate.

Trivia: Did you know that while only 1% of the calcium in your body is in your blood, if we removed that 1% suddenly, your heart would stop and you would die within seconds! By increasing available blood calcium you can get your heart to beat stronger and with better balance from atria to ventricles.

Second, we need a highly acidic stomach. Stress, sugar, junk food, toxicity, caffeine overuse, lack of sleep, dairy products and antacids all will inhibit the stomach's ability to produce normal acid levels. For this reason, I always recommend 2 tablets of Standard Process Zypan with the calcium, taken all together in the morning. This may be repeated several times per day in really stubborn cases, or twice per day in cases of some sort of chronic infection (such as Lyme disease). As long as the calcium gets properly ionized, it will never deposit in the joints or arteries or kidneys but will just do its job and the excess will be easily excreted.

For most people, this is all that is needed to kill infection immediately and this can be done a couple times per week to prevent infection during the cold and flu season.

For maintenance during the winter, which we are coming upon, I usually give my patients another Standard Process product called Bio Dent, usually 3 tablets daily the whole winter or, if you know you must be around people who are sick, take the Calcium Lactate and Zypan routine above and then take 3 Bio Dent every hour or two all day.

Bio Dent was designed for people with tooth decay. It has desiccated bovine spleen in it, which cleans up infection for you and regulates your immune response, along with carrot powder, calcium and fatty cofactors which help regulate blood calcium levels.

I also recommend keeping your bowels moving by eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and by taking Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula, 1-6 capsules with the evening meal as needed to have at least one bowel movement for each major meal you consume each day, which is what is natural.

Thank you for reading!!! If you have any questions or subjects you would like me to address, please email me through this site and I will consider it. Also any suggestions at all to make this newsletter more helpful or easy to use are welcome!

Dr. Kal